Best Radio Show (2013)

The Tom Leykis Show

More than a year ago, Tom Leykis—a longtime Southern California radio presence on the old KLSX-FM 97.1 all-talk format—shocked the radio world by doing a five-days-a-week stream from his own studio in Burbank. Critics said he'd have no audience, no ads, no nothing; critics were wrong. What made Leykis so much of a must-listen in his terrestrial days—the astute analysis, the fury, the hilarity, the epic fights between listeners—are now amplified in his FCC-less kingdom, and every Wednesday at 5 p.m. brings the best program in Southern California radio: "Be Funny!" Listeners tell the most tasteless, hilarious, inside-baseball (an imitation of radio douchebag Mark Levin? Why not?) tales this side of a Comedy Central roast. Plus, the last Wednesday of the month features Mexican In Chief Gustavo Arellano doing his ¡Ask a Mexican! shtick while getting progressively borracho.


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