Best Radio Personality (2013)

DJ Filthy Rotten Wes

As soon as the intro music plays—a bloodcurdling scream—you know you're in for something different. For more than 10 years, Wesley Tanenbaum, a.k.a. Filthy Rotten Wes, has played "raw, wild and outrageous tunes for finks and goons" on his Sunday-night KUCI-FM 88.9 show Trash-O-Matic Garbage A-Go-Go. You can tell he lives and breathes obscure music and radio oddities, from monster-music novelty albums to long-lost exotica. His DJ persona is something akin to classic radio hosts Alan Freed or Don Steele, gleefully playing lowbrow rock & roll singles untouched for decades, while at the same time apologizing for their tastelessness and eccentricities. But he's no codger; he mixes in new punk, surf and rockabilly bands for contemporary enjoyment, creating an all-around wicked brew of kooky sounds with a punk sensibility.


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