Best Protesting Organization You Wouldn't Want to Meet If You're in a Dark Alley (2013)

Art With An Agenda

Whatever you may think of Stephan "Bax" Baxter's skills as a curator—and we've had very mixed feelings—he's a damn-fine organizer for politically conscious art. A guy with the biggest fucking heart on the planet, his volatile love for his fellow man and punk-rock embrace of the underrepresented has raised (according to his website) more than $30,000 for local charities. Homelessness, musicians dealing with cancer, gay equality, pet adoption—Baxter's organization has been at the forefront of reminding people that life isn't perfect in cozy, affluent Fullerton. His haranguing presence has put politicians, police and the morally lazy on notice, and he's connected enough that when he calls for a protest, people actually show up. And it doesn't appear he's giving up any time soon.


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