Best Political Coup (2013)

Larry Agran

In 2012, for the first time in a dozen years, Larry Agran's shady Democrat machine lost control of Irvine and the city's Great Park to a 3-2 Republican majority. But after initially screaming and squealing about its minority plight, Agran is smiling a year into the new scenario. The maestro of corrupt politics knows he is on the verge of re-taking control in next year's elections because, unlike his Democratic teams that rigidly voted as a block, the current Republican majority—Jeff Lalloway, Steven Choi and Christina Shea—are in constant disarray. The ill will between Lalloway and Shea is so deep that Shea, arguably Agran's most bitter enemy for decades, has on numerous occasions joined Agran and his lapdog puppet, Beth Krom, to create a bipartisan majority. The unforeseeable developments have left Lalloway steaming, local GOP activists fretting and Agran—who, for once, didn't cheat to reap a windfall—invigorated.


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