Best Newscaster (2013)

Chuck Henry

Southern California enjoys the most competitive TV news market in the country, but that fact—sorry, New York City—doesn't mean all of the anchors here are excellent. We've seen certain ones habitually look into the wrong camera, mispronounce easy words and display maddening, fake sincerity about stories. More than a handful seem to live for police car chases so they can repeat over and over and over their rah-rah devotion to cops and their banal abhorrence of fleeing suspects. Thankfully, we also have a number of superb anchors, but none better than Chuck Henry at NBC Los Angeles. Though Henry first appeared on TV news in Honolulu in 1966, he isn't a crabby fossil or an air-headed script reader. Throughout evening appearances, he routinely demonstrates he understands news reporting and the importance of context. Those characteristics, plus his delivery of stories—in command and with appropriate occasional humor—makes us feel he's telling us "the way it is," which is comforting because he's the Walter Cronkite of LA news broadcasting.


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