Best New Band (2013)


If not for a change in majors, singing sensation Nilu Madadi might have been concocting chemistry experiments in a lab instead of arranging music in a studio. When "Sing for You" went viral on YouTube last year, revealing her multifaceted talents, Orange County and beyond were thankful for the risk she took. The rush of attention was new, and the powerful ballad carried Nilu all the way to this March's OC Music Awards, where she opened the show with a mesmerizing performance. The singer/songwriter is much more than a one-hit phenomenon: She outdid herself venturing into the world of vocal dubstep with fellow local Singularity for "Horizon," another rapid views-tallying success. All the while, Nilu's ever-increasing fan base has been patiently awaiting her much anticipated debut EP with her band, featuring songs such as "Breakdown" and "Someday."


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