Best Live Band (2013)

Dahga Bloom

Feel like leaving a show with a few scrambled brain cells, the stench of sweat and cigarettes on your clothes, and an enormous smile on your face? Pay a visit to Dahga Bloom's next gig. Cultivated in the dankest corners of OC's warehouse-show scene, Fullerton's favorite psychedelic quintet live to throttle your senses with undulating rhythms, spacey reverb, acid trip projections and primordial screams. Though four-fifths of the band are sitting down (including the guitarists), it's the frenzy they conjure around them—akin to that of snake charmers in a pit of vipers (or, in this case, hipsters)—that makes every set truly memorable. Paying their dues for years in OC has earned them the kind of respect and trust that ultimately convinces you to lose your bullshit too-cool pose for the duration of the performance, strip off an article or two of clothing, and do exactly as they say.


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