Best Latin Alternative Band (2013)


Since debuting in 2010, ¡Aparato!'s blend of traditional Mexican folk instrumentation and experimental post-punk-rock riffs has mesmerized music-lovers. With her rich vocals, Anaheim's Nancy "Cat" Mendez shares righteous musings of a better world to a progressive, futuristic sound. As they prepare their IndieGoGo-funded debut album, the band have gained accolades and airplay from NPR's alt.Latino podcast as well as KPFK's influential Travel Tips for Aztlan. While guitarist Alexandro Hernández has been geeking it up as a predoctoral fellow at the Smithsonian Institution in D.C., the band added Vaneza Calderón on guitarrón. With effects pedals cranking out otherworldly sounds from the electric guitar as a jarana huasteca furiously strums, ¡Aparato! have represented the upside-down exclamation point better than anything since ¡Ask a Mexican!


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