To some people, the idea of good karaoke is being able to hop onto a stage, loom over a crowd and live out your American Idol fantasy (which can actually feel real after a few shots of Jameson). Karaoke regulars at the Prospector follow a different philosophy. These people don't give a shit about a stage. Sure, they have one (sort of), but at this beloved Long Beach haunt, it's about getting in the crowd, getting beer spilled on you, and at some point sharing the mic with whoever is as drunk and as terrible a singer as you. It's about family. After all, the place touts itself as a family restaurant during the day, so why shouldn't a little of that sentiment spill over into the wee hours of a Wednesday or Friday night? Whether you're in the mood to spout out Iron Maiden or Madonna, trust that there's a friendly local who is ready to stumble through the lyrics right along with you.

Location Details

2400 E. Seventh St.
Long Beach CA 90804


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