Best Indie Band (2013)


This Fullerton five-piece is not messing around, producing hypnotic, epic indie-rock jams for your mind, body and soul. A welcome respite from the lo-fi garage sound that has been creeping up airwaves as of late, Canyons' sound doesn't quite fit in the realm of psychedelic music, but it's equally trippy, sending you away to some far-off majestic landscape of the mind through its hazy guitar and booming, energetic drums. There are reflections of '90s alt-rock in there, with Jeremy Leasure's gripping vocals somewhere between a young, desperate Mick Jagger and an enraged Billy Corgan. Their EP features five tracks and is available for free on their Bandcamp, an amazingly sweet deal. All masterfully orchestrated and rich, their sound is great on headphones, but it's definitely recommended to check out the group live and get swept up in their lush, raucous sound.




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