Best Gadfly (2013)

Duane Roberts

The city of Anaheim has become the flavor of the month in political OC, with leftist activists trying to make it into the latest Selma while their conservative opponents swallow what Disney makes them gobble with all the gusto of a Brazzers starlet. Only one person has been able to stay above the ruckus and call out both sides on their opportunism and wild spinning: Duane Roberts. The lifelong Anaheimer is one of the few people still standing after the 1999 effort by an Anaheim Union High School District trustee to sue Mexico for the cost of educating the children of illegal immigrants, so he knows the dirty laundry of the so-called elder statesmen of Anaheim. Unlike both sides, Roberts knows the streets, knows how to pull public records, and knows how to raise holy hell without becoming a hypocrite. That the city's voters have refused to elect Roberts in his two attempts at public office shows how fucked-up Anaheim truly is.


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