Best Folk Act (2013)

Moonsville Collective

Nowadays, we're accosted by bearded hipsters playing backwoods music on banjos and singing about working on the farm (do they know how HARD that actually is?!), but one band pulls that off like no other. Moonsville Collective—Corey Adams, Ryan Welch, Bill Bell, Drew Martin, Seth Richardson and "Hot Hands Dan" Richardson—combine country, dixie, New Orleans rag and other pre-World War II genres into what they simply call "old timey." And yes, there are beards, a washboard and an upright bass, some plaid, and some general hootin' and hollerin', but damn, you'd be hard-up to find a folk band that's this much fun. They're a tight group, and their musicianship level is premium. If can't catch one of their amazing shows around Southern California, hire them to play your event, and then party with them afterward. Not only is their music lovely, but they're just so nice, too!


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