Best Corporate-Sponsored Viral-Video Producer (2013)

Column Five Media

The Newport Beach office of Column Five Media might be the hippest in Orange County. Smelling of wood and dotted with bright-red Eames-style office chairs, there are no walls or cubes, and there's free beer on Fridays. On nice days, the company opens the two garage doors that make up its fourth wall. But as fanciful as Column Five sounds, it does some heavy lifting. It creates infographics, visuals and videos, as well as handles social PR for clients including Microsoft, Facebook, Red Bull, Google and the Human Rights Campaign. Last year, the company (founded by three grads from Vanguard University) made an ad that has been viewed more than 40 million times—for Internet Explorer, of all things. The sweet ad had the herculean task of making Internet Explorer hip; it has been nominated for a Webby and a Mashie, with more awkwardly named nominations most likely to come.

Location Details

1611 Babcock St.
Newport Beach CA 92663


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