Best Civic Activists (2013)


In 2011, a coalition of Santa Ana groups and community leaders joined together to create Santa Ana Collaborative for Responsible Development (SACReD), with the intent of having the City Council sign off on a community-benefits agreement that would guarantee development in the neighborhoods near Santa Ana's train station. That effort failed, but rather than disband and give up, SACReD buckled down and turned its attention to transparency in a 'burb long dominated by the shadowy government of Mayor-for-Life Miguel Pulido. Amazingly, SACReD won: Earlier this year, the City Council passed a sunshine ordinance that effectively opens up city government for all residents and holds elected officials accountable to their constituents. And SACReD isn't done yet; it's currently asking officials to hold more citywide meetings so that residents can share their vision of the city's future with one another. Now, if only SACReD could establish a satellite group in Anaheim. . . .


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