Best Character on The Real Housewives of Orange County (2013)

Judy Stirling

Though in a relatively minor role as the daughter of one of the stars (Lydia McLaughlin) on the scandalous, reality-TV show, Judy Stirling gives Orange County its most irrepressible character since the Weekly's Rebecca "Commie Girl" Schoenkopf relocated to Los Angeles and took over While The Real Housewives of Orange County chronicles the intense bickering of wealthy, thin-skinned ladies who drink too much, Stirling freshens episodes with her carefree, hippie persona. We love it when she sprinkles her "fairy dust" on people and tells them to relax. Plus, she provided the recent season's most revealing moment about the asshole nature of another minor character. During a cocktail party, Ryan Culberson—a son-in-law to one of the show's stars and a hotheaded, know-it-all U.S. Marine—became unhinged emotionally and seemingly on the verge of violence when Stirling rested her feet on a lousy piece of furniture. Ha! Follow Stirling's example and chill out, little boy.


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