It was the first indoor shooting range in Orange County, and it remains the top spot to visit when you need to blow off a few rounds. Firing-Line's Huntington Beach location is safe, professional and run by expertly trained staff. Open every day until 10 p.m., Firing-Line skips the fancy ambiance and décor and goes right to the meat of it: guns, ammo, safety information, strict rules (leave the hollow points at home) and a 50-foot indoor range that emits the sweet smell of Fourth of July firecrackers. Intimidated? Don't be. Open-enrollment weekend classes cover all the firearm basics (including safety and shooting techniques). If you bring your own gun, make sure it's unloaded and ready for a thorough inspection. Session costs get a deep discount when you bring a friend—but the unlimited range time and free rentals that come with a yearly membership are totally worth it.


Location Details

17921 Jamestown Lanene
Huntington Beach CA 92647


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