Best Source for Rare Sneakers (2012)


For sneakerheads, finding a rare pair of kicks is akin to stumbling upon the Hope Diamond. And in OC, there's no greater treasure chest than Attic, a streetwear shop on steroids across from Knott's Berry Farm. Inside the industrial-warehouse-like space, limited-edition and vintage sneakers are displayed on a mechanical conveyor belt for fanboys to salivate over. Gems have ranged from the Air Max Infrared Hyperfuse to the Foamposite Pro Gym Green to the Hundreds Selvedge Denim Johnson. But get 'em while you can—new releases come and go as quickly as the Space Shuttle Endeavor. And if you happen to notice a line of hipsters wrapped around the store, move those stylin' feet fast.


Location Details

8010 Beach Blvd.
Buena Park CA 90620


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