Best Place to Get Pierced (2012)

Monkeys to Go

Deciding to allow someone to stick you with a 16-gauge needle shouldn't be taken lightly. Whenever possible, go with a pro. The fine folks at Monkeys to Go know what they're doing. Whether you're a hipster showing more steel than flesh, or a teenage girl getting her first belly-button ring, the friendly staff here will handle you with knowledge and compassion. Founded by the late Chris Hammond in uptown Whittier, the shop moved north of Downtown Fullerton in 2009. Here, the walls are covered with haunting paintings of googley-eyed girls, who stare down at the alternative fashions. But there's no need to feel intimidated; you won't even feel it when the kind folks here plunge a needle into your tragus.

Location Details

519 N. Harbor Blvd.
Fullerton CA 92832


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