Best, Most Expressive, Stupid Phone Message (2012)

Thomas Troy Bitter

Mission Viejo's Thomas Troy Bitter guaranteed his arrest after leaving the following voicemail message at the FBI's San Diego field office: "I have a very important message for [FBI Special Agent In Charge] Keith Slotter. First off, I would like to say fuck you. I want my goddamn money, Keith. You better give me my fucking cash. I would break your fucking neck if you were man enough to go one on one with me. Fuck you, fuck your region, fuck your entire family. Fuck the puppet-master system that runs your fucking region. Fuck you, Keith. You are a goddamn fucking coward. . . . I'm tired of you motherfuckers misappropriating my funds. I want my goddamn fucking money, Keith. Fuck you, too, bitch."


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