Best Gadfly (2012)

Tony Bushala

The term "gadfly" carries negative connotations. And we won't deny that those connotations apply to Fullerton blogger Tony Bushala. If, for instance, you're Boss Hog doppelganger and former mayor Dick Jones, you're apt to view Bushala as an annoying insect whose provocative criticisms irritate your normally thickened hide (and head). In recent years, Bushala and his merry band of bloggers on the Friends for Fullerton's Future website have demonstrated that the biggest animals in the political stable can't escape the focused spotlights shining from their digital eyes. Friends for Fullerton's Future re-defined expectations of what can be accomplished via the hyper-local blogosphere when it exposed the indifference of public officials following the infamous Kelly Thomas beating and led the charge to remove three of five council members last June. Former state senator Dick Ackerman—a Republican douchebag who never saw a boondoggle he didn't like—doesn't like Bushala. And that's why we do.


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