You've probably knocked around the county trying every pad Thai joint from San Clemente to La Habra and slurped tom kha gai until your spice-lashed tongue couldn't take it anymore. But there really is no getting around it: If you're going to go eat Thai and want it done as close to how they do it in Thailand, you need to go to Thai Nakorn, the place that every Thai restaurant in the county aspires to be. And always will. Go to either the Stanton branch or the Garden Grove one—it doesn't matter which. Then graze from the options on the first page, on which specials such as wild boar in spicy sauce, raw beef salad and stir-fried watercress make it hard for other restaurants to measure up. Thai Nakorn still rules them all. Always has. Always will.


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Location Details

12532 Garden Grove Blvd.
Garden Grove CA 92843


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