The name befits the setting: relaxed, pristine and chic, undeniably lending itself to a tranquil tea experience. The menu lists pages upon pages of teas, desserts, salads and sandwiches. Tea smoothies are also offered, including the matcha coconut cooler, a smooth blend of iced green tea and sweetened coconut milk. Whatever variety of tea you're a fan of (green, black, etc.), Tranquil Tea Lounge creatively infuses all of them with multiple flavors so it's pleasantly difficult to discern its green blends from those of black, oolong, white, rooibos or herbal, making each tea its own experience. Die-hard coffee drinkers can fancy these drinks, too; just try the mate tea blends. As for desserts, any tea pairs nicely with the lounge's offerings of homemade scones, French macarons, blueberry tea cake or mochi.

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106 W. Wilshire Ave.
Fullerton CA 92832


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