Best Restaurant When Someone Else Is Paying (2012)

A Party Catered By Soho Taco

Soho Taco has earned fame for its tacos, made from fresh tortillas and quality cuts; the expert salsas of chef Gabriel Zambrano; and a masterful social-media campaign that had foodies craving the tacos long before they became commercially available from a lonchera. Before that, the only way to enjoy a Soho taco was from a taquiza, a private catering event—and that's still the best way to enjoy these creations. It's not cheap, but for a fair amount, you get the works: beef, chicken, vegetarian, shrimp and carnitas tacos cooked to order, with a rainbow of condiments—sharp queso añejo, salty queso cotija, fabulous salsas, heirloom-tomato pico de gallo and all the Jarritos you could possibly imbibe in an afternoon. Soho's catering renown is such that most weekends nowadays have Zambrano and his crew catering at least a dozen events, from weddings to parties to even a pachanga for actor Edward James Olmos. And if you tip your Soho taquero enough, he just might whip up one of the off-the-menu marvels we've been sworn to never reveal. . . . Okay, we'll just mention one: the cheese taco. That is all.

Location Details

902 W. McFadden Ave.
Santa Ana CA 92707


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