Best Place to Be Hit On By Someone You're Not Interested In (2012)

Canyon Inn Sports Bar and Grill

Sometimes, there are nights when you're feeling pretty desperate. You're tired of life revolving around your 9 to 5, you don't have anyone special to go home to and your apartment sucks. So, you head to a local dive to distract yourself because nothing picks us up more than a good night of heavy drinking in a dimly lit room while flirting with someone we'd never look at in the daytime—and that special place is the Canyon Inn. The only catch (besides the fact it's basically in Corona) is that you're going to have to be okay with not actually liking the diviest-of-dive-bar aesthetic, a good compromise for the guarantee of being hit on. It'll welcome your desperate ass with open arms—and probably send you home with someone you'll be scared of in the morning. But at least you got some, right?


Location Details

6821 Fairlynn Blvd.
Yorba Linda CA 92886


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