There are two kinds of pho-lovers in this world: those who choose beef, and those who prefer chicken. Everyone in Little Saigon knows the best beef pho comes from Pho Thanh Lich (last year's Final Pho winner, as well as Best Pho title holder two years in a row here), and the best chicken pho comes from Pho Dakao (the winner in 2009), so which of the two wins in a face-off? It's like splitting the 1992 USA Basketball Dream team into squads led by Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson, but we'll go with the Earvin of the two this year in the form of Pho Dakao. The key factor is freshness: the chickens are sourced locally from its sister poultry shop Dakao Poultry in Midway City. The use of just-killed hen elevates the soup, as its springy meat, chewy tripe (if you so choose) and unformed eggs shine bright with flavor, while the schmaltz transforms the broth into butter. Throw in a jungle of herbs, squeeze in a lot of lime, and Pho Dakao's chicken pho makes those childhood bowls of Campbell's seem as comforting as a ruler across your palms.


Location Details

15532 Ward St.
Garden Grove CA 92843


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