You like the poster? You can buy it. You like the chair? You can buy that, too. At CUCINA enoteca, everything's for sale, which makes it either the worst restaurant for shopaholics or the best. As you look around at what resembles an artsy swap meet or a shabby-chic interior designer's showroom, you marvel at the food. The daily polenta boards are so revelatory you wonder why other restaurants don't serve such a thing. Pizzas are of the thin variety, with a bulbous crust and a Neapolitan bent, as all credible restaurant pies are in a post-Mozza world. The zeppole is the exact thing to have while sipping espresso, a dessert of Italian doughnut holes injected with vanilla crema, covered in cinnamon sugar and sauced with a few squirts of dulce de leche. The tiramisù comes served in a cute flip-top Mason jar, which, of course, can be taken home for a nominal fee.

Location Details

532 Spectrum Center Dr.
Irvine CA 92618


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