A regular cupcake is perhaps the unhealthiest food on the planet, a little grenade of sugar, fat, food coloring and other ungodly things. That's why it's a major miracle that Raya Belna crafts cupcakes that are not only honest-to-goodness healthy, but also most likely good for you—seriously. Belna, who first earned fame as one of the cute hipster girls behind the vegan Seabirds food truck, is the type of gal for whom vegan isn't enough, and raw food is a start. Her creations contain everything from herbs to edible flowers, essential oils to dehydrated nuts, but what sounds like a hippie nightmare ends upon tasting one: incredibly rich, but not cloying, with nuance and a sweetness that will make you forsake all other cupcakes for good. They actually rejuvenate the tired trend. Belna's cupcakes are available at stores, but it's best to catch her at random pop-ups, where the wide eyes of recent converts is all the advertising she needs.


Location Details

944 Avocado Ave.
Newport Beach CA 92660


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