Jamillah Ma is one of those rarities: a pioneer in her field who stays relevant years after entering the scene. She took Orange County by storm in the 1990s with Jamillah Garden, a since-shuttered restaurant that was the first in the county to serve Islamic Chinese cuisine, a tradition that's not only halal, but also home to fantastic lamb hot pots, hand-stretched noodles, and a sesame-seed-studded scallion bread as thick as a deep-dish pizza and as flaky as a croissant. But a couple of years back, Ma opened Mas' Chinese Islamic, in a stretch of Anaheim everyone thinks is Fullerton and is literally on the wrong side of the tracks. Doesn't matter: Mas' has been slammed since opening day with Chinese, Muslims, Arabs and plain ol' Americans alike, feasting in a banquet-like main room until their stomachs look like beach balls. Ma and her daughter are thinking of expanding, but this is the gem that'll continue to shine.


Location Details

601 E. Orangethorpe Ave.
Anaheim CA 92801


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