It isn't just the flaky croissants stuffed with pastry cream and studded with juicy sliced strawberries (even at unusual times of the year) that people line up for at Cream Pan, though the buns are certain to run out if you don't get a move on early in the morning; but there's also a whole case of tempting calorie bombs you'll walk past to get to the counter, and absolutely everything inside is made with the fanatical attention to detail only the Japanese could accomplish. Besides the eponymous cream doughnut and Danishes that explode into feather-light shards in your mouth, the chefs also make spectacular cheese rolls and what may be some of Orange County's finest French baguettes and épis, artisanal creations that recall crowded boulangeries in Paris and scream for just a little sweet butter and maybe a touch of jam before being dunked into coffee, Japanese-French style.


Location Details

602 El Camino Real
Tustin CA 92780


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