Come game day, forget trying to squeeze your way into the overcrowded sports bars along the touristy beachside streets, with drunk patrons spilling out onto the sidewalk and where bouncers actually collect a cover charge. Most of us just want a cold beer, the big game on a big screen, and the chance to cheer and jeer alongside fellow fans. Those in the know head to the understated O'Connell's Sports Pub & Grill. It's nothing fancy (save for a few Irish-themed decorations), but the Huntington Beach spot has flat-screens lining the walls, each one blinking with every possible sporting event happening that day. The beer is frosty and affordable, the shots are filled to the brim, there's always a place to sit, and the people are a hell of a lot friendlier than the bros you'll find down by the water. Best of all? No sloppy-drunk college kids!



Location Details

19047 Bushard St.
Huntington Beach CA 92646


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