Few places exist where rock & roll is more than a musty, beige genre to which anything with a guitar can belong. Step into a rock show at the Tiki Bar, on the other hand, and you'll find this den is where battle-scarred riff masters and old-school punks still come to play. As the stomping ground of such volatile OC acts as Cadillac Tramps, Dodge Dart, and former Guns N' Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke, the bar is among the few watering holes that caters to the destructive rock cliché without tipping into douchey Sunset Strip territory. Perhaps even more credit can be given to its rock rep considering it also hosts just as strong of a reggae scene and manages to still keep legit talent stocked for both genres without deluding the hardcore local brand. From time to time, the bar will even pull in big-name talent (i.e., Green Day) to play a surprise show. As for those looking for smart, degree-holding, indie-pop acts with cute animal names . . . this ain't the place for you.



Location Details

1700 Placentia Ave.
Costa Mesa CA 92627


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