Best Place to Pick Up Drunk College Students (2012)

Baja Sharkeez

You know that episode of How I Met Your Mother in which Barney describes the gift to mankind known as "Woo Girls," groups of young females who shout, "Wooooooo!" at bars and parties as a modern-day mating call? Well, "Woo Girls: The Collegiate Edition" can be viewed in full force at Baja Sharkeez, the eardrum-piercing Newport Beach bar where midriff coverage is optional. Friday and Saturday nights are the wildest, unsurprisingly, but glorious woo action happens throughout the week, so plan accordingly. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights often bring out the kids from UC Irvine and Orange Coast College, with flip-cup and beer-pong tournies and anyone-can-be-a-bartender events. Saturday afternoons are when you can spot flocks of brave-livered twentysomethings in argyle tops and miniskirts playing a round of pub golf. And weekend mornings feature a Bloody Mary bar for those who like to nurse their hangovers with more booze. Sharkeez is that mystical place you'll curse the next day but look fondly upon in the years after. What more can you expect from a bar that serves drinks out of a fishbowl?


Location Details

114 McFadden Place
Newport Beach CA 92663


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