The hipsters who have infested downtown Santa Ana have already discovered Rancho De Mendoza's awesome weekend karaoke nights, where wabs, pochos and drag queens perform Mexican and American classics equally badly. But they still don't dare go upstairs on Saturday, where the club floor belongs to people from Mexico City and Puebla looking to groove at Sonidero Night. A genre that's part EDM, part Studio One sound system, part cumbia, and all about churning until closing time, sonidero gives a soundtrack to downtown Santa Ana's night. The regulars will first gawk at non-Mexicans, so put them at ease by ordering a cubeta (a pail of bottled beers) and a shot of bukanas (Buchanan's), then slumbering onto the floor to dance. Don't be surprised that most of the dancers will be half your size and 15 shades darker—or that their nimbleness with the rhythms will make Baryshnikov seem as dexterous as Frankenstein's monster. Just shuffle your feet, and let the sonidero move you.



Location Details

104 E. 4th St.
Santa Ana CA 92701


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