Best Record of the Past 12 Months (2012)

Flinch's 'Light It Up'

Forget social-media fads or unemployment rates—nothing continues to explode across 2012 end-of-the-world America such as dubstep. Nowadays, every yahoo with Reason on a laptop and a thirst for bass drops is making the stuff, so the fact that an old-schooler (yes, 10 years is old school in the EDM world) such as OC-bred DJ Flinch remains at the forefront of the genre is a great thing. The Midway City resident born Adam Glassco managed to outdo himself this year with his seventh album, Light It Up, released by SMOG Records. Such cuts as the title track and "When I'm Gone" combine lush atmospherics and inventive melodies to go along with savage bursts of low end that rival his label boss 12th Planet (another OC native). Light It Up suggests this dubstep pioneer still has plenty left in the tank to compete with the barrage of young guns coming late to the game.


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