Best Live Band (2012)

Moonsville Collective

While their twentysomething peers usually explain their musical tastes as "I like all music but country and classical," Moonsville Collective are (mostly) young men playing bluegrass, country's rowdy cousin. What makes them even more badass is the fact that "Hot Hands Dan" Richardson and Seth Richardson are father and son. The raucous songs produced by this group—which also include Drew Martin, Bill Bell, T.W. Hill, Corey Adams and Ryan Welch—are incredibly sing-along-able ("Ridin' that old graffiti train! Lord, Lord!"); they'll have you on your feet, tapping your toes and clapping your hands while you dance as though you're at a hoedown somewhere between the Great Smoky Mountains and the Cumberland Gap—an amazing feat considering OC typically forms a hands-in-your-pockets kind of audience. And as it is with most bands who are fantastic live, their recordings don't do 'em justice, so get your ass out to one of their shows and air-fiddle along.



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