Best Hip-Hop Act (2012)

Locally Grown Collective

No one can say hip-hop is dead, much less in OC, where groups the caliber of the Locally Grown Collective are hustling. Based in Orange, the vocal trio of Endz, DeeJaeeBee and DaveAllen hit on multiple fronts as evidenced by the release of their We Are Locally Grown mixtape. Proper production by collective member FourthBeats lays the foundation for the rappers to do their thing: Endz will energize you with his relentless rhymes; DaveAllen is a rapper and singer coming with a harmonized delivery; and vocal coach DeeJaeeBee is a triple threat with his soulful baritone croon, unique style of rapping and spoken-word poetry. The Locally Grown Collective put their diversity of talents on display on an online episode of The Cypher Effect and have opened for the likes of Talib Kweli. They refuse to leave crowds disengaged, and with drummer Coley Cole backing the beats for shows, hip-hop-heads will definitely be throwin' their ones up in the air.



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