Best Bro Band (2012)

Amherst Aisle

Amherst Aisle might be the quintessential bro band of Orange County—not because they all wear Livestrong bracelets or upside-down visors, or because of their rumored love of Maker's Mark, but because they act as though they are actual brothers. Whether living three-to-a-room while jamming together, having Easter brunch with another member's parents, or interrupting one another and getting progressively louder as they tell gig stories during an interview, the bond between Derrick Chan (Drums), Ben Kashuk (piano/vocals), Michael Klein (guitar/vocals) and Kevin Leonard (bass) is apparent to even the most clueless critic. Their brand of strong, piano-driven alternative rock suits them perfectly: energetic, driving, and demanding to be listened to loudly and live. It also lets them be as goofy or as awesome as they want to be. How goofy? Check out the videos on their YouTube channel. How awesome? Check out their first album, Man Among Gods. They're both wonderful labors of love. What kind of love? That's obvious: bro-therly love.



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