Best Thing to Do In the Dark (2011)

Full-Moon Kayaking

Guide Danny Hough leads kayak tours under the moonglow shining on Newport Beach's Back Bay. Start with a gourmet picnic before setting off on glassy waters for the setting sun. It's an easy paddle that's great for first-timers. Those unsure about their skills (and younger groups) set out on larger, steadier Hawaiian outrigger canoes. Whatever their ability, looky-loos appreciate peering into the quaint and stunning pads that line the Amsterdam-like canals they glide through. Nature-lovers get a bigger kick out of the bird estuary and the wildlife that is often spotted along the way, including sea lions, dolphins and seabirds galore. If Hough is feeling saucy, he'll extend the evening by stopping for hot chocolate or a frozen banana on Balboa Island. You'll then paddle back to the starting point over tranquil waters that will have you wanting to come back for more.

Location Details

1 White Cliffs Dr.
Newport Beach CA 92660


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