Best Place to Shake (and Sculpt) That Ass (2011)

Pop Physique

Treadmill? Boring. Yoga? Boring, with hippies. P90X? That just sounds scary. We can come up with about a zillion excuses to stay glued to the couch and Interwebz, but alas, one Seal Beach fitness studio finally has us speechless (minus some heavy panting). Founded by a former pro ballerina, the Pop Physique workout is designed to give you long, lean muscles, toned abs and an ass that's gloriously sculpted—in other words, a totally bangin' bod. Each hourlong session is a fast-paced mix of stretches, light weight repetitions, isometric holds, ballet barre exercises and other flab-busting moves, all set to a kick-ass, indie/electronic-dance soundtrack. (Your mama's Jazzercise, this isn't.) The instructors are attentive and super-motivating, pushing you to squeeze those thighs tighter and hold that pose just a liiiiiittle longer. Classes are offered at the Seal Beach location seven days a week in a modern, airy space fully equipped with a sprung dance floor, eco-friendly mats and high-tech sound system. (The Costa Mesa location is inside Seed People's Market at the Camp.) Are you ready to burn, baby, burn?

Location Details

347 N. Main St.
Seal Beach CA 90740


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