Best Place to Get in Touch With Your Inner Einstein (2011)

23B Shop

Hackerspaces are a global phenomenon, and OC has its very own in this collective of Fullerton-based tinkerers that loves to tear shit up, then build new shit. From computer repair and clown-jousting battle gear to marine radios and mobile DJ units, there's very little that can't be made, fixed or salvaged in the 1,800-square-foot space, which includes an arsenal of tools and heavy machinery ranging from welders to lathes. With members as creative as they are capable, the collective was chosen by Red Bull to participate in its inaugural Red Bull Creation in July, a 72-hour build-off featuring 10 hackerspaces that didn't know what they would be building until the night before the competition. To build a transportation device that could carry at least 100 pounds of human weight without the use of fossil fuels, 23B cobbled together a teeter-totter that, through its kinetic energy, powered a video game that could be played by two riders. The entry didn't win, but thanks to garnering more Facebook likes than any other project, 23B wound up getting a state-of-the-art welder. The collective is a private group funded by dues, and though it's not open to the general public, it hosts regular meet-and-greet potlucks.

Location Details

418 E. Commonwealth Ave.
Fullerton CA 92832


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