Best Not-So-Secret 'Secret' Surf Spot (2011)

El Morro

Any surf spot visible from Pacific Coast Highway can't rationally be called a "secret spot." And yet, any time a shot from El Morro shows up in a magazine or an online slideshow identifying the spot, feelings get hurt and tempers flare. Maybe the secret-spot status came because you had to know which swells made the waves work or the fact that it required a bit of a walk, but for the most part, El Morro is a horribly kept secret. What gives the spot its renown is just how photogenic the waves can be. The waves are so-so, presenting a marginally makeable barrel for the more advanced surfer. A parking lot was built across the street, and umbrellas have begun to frequent this now-accessible piece of coastline south of Crystal Cove. Maybe those in search of a secret spot in Orange County will try to find one that people don't actually know about.

Between Corona del Mar and Laguna Beach.


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