Here we have a nicely balanced outdoor experience with a range of cool options. Though there are a few teeth-chattering single tracks for the mountain-bike set, most of the trails here are gentle enough for active families and strolling young lovers, offering spectacular windows into the house of nature. Spread out across 354 acres, this spot features a diverse range of natural landmarks, not the least of which is the massive Upper Peters Canyon Reservoir. Nestled in the folds of gently rolling hillsides, it's home to waterfowl and various other feathered friends. Hop onto the Lakeview Trail, which starts at the parking area and covers approximately 2.5 miles. There are spots along this loop that are totally out of sight of nearby highways and houses, lending it the appearance of an isolated glacial lake. It's not uncommon to see critters ranging from raccoons and egrets to frogs, coyotes and the occasional feral parrot.

Location Details

8548 E. Canyon View Ave.
Orange CA 92869


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