We had an inside source for this one. In a chain-link-fenced corner of Fullerton's Pooch Park, a dog going by the pseudonym "Bo" dished the lowdown on the hounds and grounds. Away from his master's ear, "Bo" whispered slyly that he comes mostly "for the bitches." (Dogs in heat are not allowed on the premises, so he and other horndogs have to play it cool.) Located next to the Hunt Branch Library, Pooch Park is a hidden architectural jewel (really, it's hard to find!) that boasts three designated areas for big and small dogs alike to unleash and unwind. For his part, when his wandering eye doesn't have his tongue hanging out, "Bo" likes to run around in the area reserved for larger dogs as well as the chip park. Owners speak well of the communal effort to keep the space clean by picking up after pets, as well as of the open hours (Thursday to Tuesday, from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.). There is also a political appeal: Leaning well to the left of Blue Dog Democrats, "Bo," who declined to disclose his breed, says few conservative owners and their hounds bother coming around. Created by the Fullerton Parks and Recreation Commission in June 2007, Pooch Park is city property, and "Nothing makes the tax-crazy hawks in Fullerton howl more," he says, "than the sight of a dog like me squeezing out some kibbles 'n' bits on their dime!"

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