Best Cheap Thrill (Unless You Get a Ticket) (2011)

Rock Jumping In Corona del Mar

As with venturing into Mexico or taking a Pirate Shot (if you have to ask, you're not ready for it!), rock-jumping in Corona del Mar comes with its fair share of risks: 1) You have to be able to find the spot, which is the easy part; head south from Little Corona and look for the rock bridge. 2) You need to be capable of handling yourself (swimming, understanding tides, reading wave swells) in the ocean while wearing shoes. 3) For the payoff, you need to willingly throw yourself off a 20-foot ledge. Oh, and if you're caught by lifeguards (who rarely pass through) or police (even rarer), you can get a ticket. Not enough to scare you off? Well, don't say we didn't warn you.


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