Best Video-Game Store (2011)


It's a shame that there are fewer and fewer stores like Gameplay. It's the perfect example of what a great video-game store is about—a huge supply of old and new games, knowledgeable employees who love their work, and great prices. Located next to a nail salon in a Long Beach strip mall, Gameplay is a gaming geek's vision of what paradise would be—a place far, far away from popular chain stores that stock only the newest games at retail prices. It's the diverse selection and merchandise that truly sets Gameplay apart from any other boring video-game store. Cramming the space from floor to ceiling is a wide assortment of video games from multiple generations, ranging from the cartridges of the NES days to the most obscure 3DO titles. Not only does it stock older games that are unavailable just about anywhere other than eBay, but it also carries the latest Japanese-import and rare video games. Also in stock are random game-related figures, stuffed toys, movies, anime, even gaming-branded packaged food. Where else can you purchase a new game and a Mega Man energy drink under one roof? Gameplay's a fighter when it comes to pricing games; most of the new releases fall $4 to $5 below the suggested retail price. If that isn't cheap enough for you, it'll even price-match local competitors without any hassle. More important, Gameplay's staff include some of the greatest in customer service. The employees are true fans of video gaming who know their hobby inside and out and will provide honest opinions.

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Location Details

5911 E. Spring St.
Long Beach CA 90808


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