When Bob Nguyen was 14, he thought being a tattoo artist would be a good way to hook up with chicks. As the years passed, Nguyen realized there was more to tattoos than just getting said chicks, so he established Bad Influence Tattoo in 2003. Whether it's a 3D image of Jesus, black-and-white skulls, a frog with a horn sticking out of his ass with Koi fish swimming around, Invader Zim chasing around an anteater, or geishas, Nguyen and his team will amaze with their precision and nonjudgmental attitude. A green placard reading, "Your body is a temple; decorate it" sits near one of the tattoo stations, and it's not mere hippie-dippy claptrap: Nguyen's shop follows the principles of chi and feng shui.

Location Details

9475 Heil St.
Fountain Valley CA 92708


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