If you buy a surfboard at Icons of Surf, chances are you won't paddle out to your local lineup only to see a fellow surfer riding the same exact damn board. Why? Icons doesn't sell boards of the manufactured overseas variety. At Icons, no two boards look alike. Each is unique, much like the artisan of the shaping industry who created it from a block of foam. The shapers represented are only those Icons deems worthy. The number of boards in shop varies from week to week, and so too do the shapes and artwork. The one thing to be certain of is that you won't find a white, sand-finished board in the racks. If you find yourself bewildered by the olive-colored board with the fish outline and an unorthodox fin set-up, don't let the guy behind the counter with the hipster mustache intimidate you: He's quick with a smile and has a vast knowledge of wave-riding apparati that he's more than willing to share.

Location Details

710 N. El Camino Real
San Clemente CA 92672


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