Decked with Christmas lights, a sky-high sign that screams, "SPANKYS," and a vintage cop cruiser permanently parked in front, the kitschy-ness of the longstanding 24/7 porn shop—along with its legendary graphics of a man spanking a monkey, rubbing a rocket, choking a chicken and having one arm significantly buffer than the other—is usually enough to lure folks in, just to, um, check it out. But once inside, it's easy to linger. Clean and well-lit, with dark-wood fixtures and impressively organized displays, the place is . . . nice. Yes, there is porn—rows and rows of porn, very well-categorized porn to rent or purchase (titles start at about $10). Whatever you're into, from the vanilla stuff to DPs, it can probably be found here. But for those not as into porn (or for those who get it on the Internet), there are gadgets and gizmos aplenty to ogle or snicker at; things that buzz, plug and inflate (Anyone need a blow-up bondage chair or a "Big O" Obama-inspired dildo?); and an S&M section. There's also a selection of bachelor- and bachelorette-party necessities, including pecker cake pans, sippy dick straws and boob-tube beer bongs. Couples get a discount, so make it a date.

Location Details

213 N. Harbor Blvd.
Santa Ana CA 92703


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