Best Reason to Never Leave the House (2011)

A Ridiculous Home Theater

Seeing that we're all controlled by television and movies (at least that's what they always say on FOX News), why not make every viewing moment a thrill? Our ritzy Newport Coast neighbors hire DSI Entertainment Systems to build custom-made home theaters, with giant high-definition screens, perfect acoustics and plush, reclining leather seats. DSI, who are based in Los Angeles but this year opened an Orange County office, claim its professionally designed media rooms surpass the best commercial theaters. Come on! You've lost your retirement nest egg. You've gained a few more pounds. Your eyes have gotten so bad you couldn't read a book even if you wanted to. But you don't have to pout anymore in your lame den, with its antiquated, circa-2008 TV equipment. With DSI's "one-touch button" system, you can have your favorite room converted into your "total escape." What's the cost? It depends on your imagination, but we know of at least one $300,000 home-theater bill.

Location Details

1024 Bayside
Newport Beach CA 92660


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