Best Place to Score Space-Saving Household Items for Your Tiny-Ass Dorm Room or Bachelor Suite (2011)

Kitchen Land

If you've ever resided in a college dorm, you know how it feels to live in a space so small you can't undress two at a time without worrying about making accidental ass-to-ass contact. If you just so happen to have also set foot in an apartment in East Asia, you know the experience is not much different. However, if there's one thing the Asian design has over the U.S., it's space-saving efficiency. Kitchen Land, nestled deep in the heart of Garden Grove's Little Seoul, is an obscure supply shop neatly brimming with an array of adorably colored, stackable, sleekly fashioned household wares to help you make the most of your broke-ass living situation. Once past the threshold, you'll be greeted by an electronic "Thank you for coming!" Then you're slammed by a tidal wave of stuff, including (but not limited to) indoor slippers, exfoliating towels, sake serving sets, cutlery, rice cookers, condiment containers and $2 straw brooms that will put your dust-buster to shame. If price is an issue and customer service isn't (expect to encounter limited English), forget Mitsuwa and explore the nether-regions of Kitchen Land for some great deals on cute appliances with amazingly high utility.

Location Details

9580 Garden Grove Blvd.
Garden Grove CA 92844


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